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Atlanta Auto Detailing and Ceramic Coating

U Want 1 Auto Spa

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IGL Coatings

Does Your Vehicle Have Protection?

We Offer The Best Ceramic Coating Formulated By IGL Coatings

marietta ceramic company

Introducing Our New Brand of Ceramic Coating Services:
Marietta Ceramic Company

IGL Coatings

Do You Want The Best of Both Worlds?

Select U Want 1 Auto Spa For Premium Shop & Mobile Detailing Services

Beneifts of In Shop Detailing

Shop/In-House Benefits

Professional Equipment:

Access to specialized tools and equipment for a thorough cleaning.

Skilled Technicians:

Trained experts who can address various detailing needs.

Consistent Quality:

A controlled environment ensures consistent and high-quality results.

Product Variety:

A wider range of detailing products and options for customization.

Interior Comfort:

Comfortable waiting areas while your car is being detailed.

Additional Services:

Shops often offer complementary services like paint correction.

Protection from Weather:

Your vehicle is shielded from outdoor elements during the process.

Beneifts of In Shop Detailing

Mobile Detailing Benefits


The detailer comes to your location, saving you time and effort.

Flexible Scheduling:

Appointments can be tailored to your availability.

Personalized Service:

Discuss your vehicle's specific needs directly with a professional detailer.

On-Site Attention:

You can oversee the detailing process from a convenient location where we come to you.

No Transportation Hassles:

No need to drop off or pick up your vehicle.

Environmentally Friendly:

Mobile detailing often uses eco-friendly cleaning products in the modern industry.

Tailored to Your Space:

Detailing adapts to your parking space, whether at home or work.

Why Choose Us?

6 Days a Week

Our team is on call 6 days, every day of the week, to ensure that you get the service you need, anytime.

Dedicated Team

Your needs will be met swiftly. We'll ensure your car is taking care of while in our possession.


With over 5 years in the industry, we're proud of our reputation. Every vehicle we service gets extraordinary care.


Highly Trusted

We are recognized as one of the best in the industry by clients and dealers for our professional auto detailing services.

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Detailing Packages

Exterior | Interior | Ceramic

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We Use the Best Detailing and Ceramic Coating Products

Protect your Investment - R1 Ceramic coatings will protect the vehicle's interior and exterior from wear and tear for a lifetime. The resale market value will therefore be much higher! Ceramic Coatings pay for themselves!

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Detailing Services

Exterior and Interior Options

We live & breathe auto detailing. To us there is nothing better than handing the keys over and seeing our customers react to a car that looks better than when it was purchased! At U Want 1 Auto Spa, our promise to every customer is extraordinary results on every project.

Corvette Exterior Detailing

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Now Offering Dura-Coating Applications

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Atlanta, GA

15 Mile Service Area

Outside of 30339 (Travel Fee Applies)

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U Want 1 Auto Spa is available to make your vehicle look its best

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Certified Professionals

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Director of Auto Reconditioning Specialist

Lead Auto Reconditioning Specialist

Assistant Auto Reconditioning Specialist

Lead Tint Specialist

Lead Paint Protection Film Specialist

Shop Director

Office Director

Lead Quality Assurance Specialist

Lead Wash Specialist

Assistant Wash Specialist

Assistant Tint Specialist

Assistant Paint Protection Film Specialist

Certified Detailers in Powder Springs, GA

Certified Detailers in Powder Springs, GA

Certified Detailers in Powder Springs, GA